Terms & Conditions

To simplify and clarify the terms and conditions for SOAR Educational Services and its representative, Latina Nickelson, Special Education Advocate & IEP Coach, the following covers the key areas such as advocacy, coaching, data collection, and other services provided:

Terms & Conditions Summary for SOAR Educational Services

  1. Service Offerings and Refunds:

    • Online Consulting:
    • No refunds are available for completed online consulting sessions.
    • Refunds for unused online consulting time are available if requested within 48 hours of purchase. Any used time will be billed at the hourly rate of $100.00 per hour.
    • Meeting attendance (if purchased separately because the client has exhausted all 3 meetings in the annual plan or as part of the Collab Culture membership) will be billed at $97.00 per meeting.
    • To confirm my attendance for a meeting, the following must take place before the meeting:
      • SOAR educational service must receive an official meeting letter.
      • Attendance fee must be paid.
      • These actions secure your time on my calendar.
    • .
    • Advocacy vs. Legal Advice: Services offered are for advocacy and educational guidance only, not legal advice. Legal queries should be directed to a qualified attorney.
    • Due Process & Legal Representation: If you are engaged in any stage of Due Process or working with an attorney, please refrain from signing up for our courses or consulting services to avoid conflicts.
    • IEP Process Outcomes: We do not guarantee specific results or responses from school personnel regarding the IEP process.
  2. Intellectual Property:

    • All materials are copyrighted to SOAR Educational Services, LLC, its Subsidiaries & Representatives. Personal use is allowed, but redistribution requires written consent.
    • Repurposing our materials for competing products is prohibited and may lead to legal action.
  3. PDF Products: Non-refundable due to the nature of e-products.

  4. Role of Non-Attorney Advocates: Our services are provided by non-attorney advocates. Content shared is opinion-based and not to be considered as legal/medical advice.

  5. Payment Terms:

    • Advocacy Services: All pricing is subject to change.

      • Ask Me Anything: A 1 hour session prices at $75.00 
      • Basic Advocacy: A 4-hour session priced at $375.00.
      • One-Year Service: Comprehensive service package for $1,100.00.
      • Monthly Membership: A recurring fee of $57.00 per month, with the option to pay an annual fee of $157.00.
    • Chaos to Collaboration℠ Membership:

      By joining this membership, you are agreeing to the following terms, which are integral to our legal agreement:

      • Subscription Type: Choose between monthly or annual billing cycles. This membership includes access to live programming, content portal, and community interaction. It does not cover one-on-one consulting services.

      • Documentation: This agreement is subject to our privacy policy, terms and conditions, disclaimer, and community standards, all available on our website and subject to updates.

      • Fees and Term: Your subscription fee is billed recurrently (monthly or annually) until cancellation. Cancellations must be done at least three days before the next billing date via the membership area.

      • Authorization: You authorize recurring charges to your card as per your chosen subscription plan.

      • Trial Subscriptions: We may offer trial periods with specific terms provided on the sign-up page.

      • Post-Payment Process: Transactions are processed by Stripe. A purchase receipt and welcome email with login details will be sent within 24 hours.

      • Refunds: Monthly fees are non-refundable. Annual subscriptions can be refunded within the first 14 days, unless a free 1:1 coaching call was used as a promotional bonus.

      • Billing Issues: Failure to update payment methods within 5 business days of a failed payment may result in restricted or terminated access.

      • Company’s Rights: We reserve the right to enforce terms, conduct platform maintenance, and comply with legal obligations.

      • Your Obligations: The platform and content are to be used appropriately, without misuse or sharing of login details.

      • License to Content: The program material is licensed for personal use only. Unauthorized use may incur a significant charge.

      • Legal Terms: The agreement is governed by the laws of Florida, with provisions for assignment, severability, and waiver as described.

  6. Outstanding Balances: Incurs a 2% monthly interest rate plus consultation fees for time spent on bill collection.

  7. Cooperation & Communication: Clients are expected to cooperate and communicate primarily via email, limiting use of text and social media for case-related matters.

  8. Record Retention: Client is responsible for retaining their own records. SOAR Educational Services’ records are typically destroyed one year after last activity.

  9. Availability & Scheduling:

    • Consultation Cancellations: Requires 2 business days’ notice; longer notice required for meetings and mediations.
    • Limited Availability: Latina Nickelson’s unavailable times, such as holidays and personal time, are acknowledged.
  10. Confidentiality: Commitment to confidentiality unless required by law or agreed upon in writing.

  11. No Guarantee of Outcome: Acknowledgment that no specific outcomes are guaranteed from our services.

  12. Indemnification: Clients agree to indemnify Latina Nickelson from liabilities arising from advocacy services.

  13. Legal Fees & Disputes: Client responsible for any legal fees incurred by Latina Nickelson in relation to disputes or legal actions involving the services provided.

  14. Contract Termination: Either party may terminate the contract with written notice; outstanding balances remain payable.

  15. Force Majeure: No liability for delays or failures due to events beyond control, such as natural disasters or pandemics.

  16. Informed Consent: Clients are encouraged to read and understand all materials and rights related to their cases.

  17. Agreement to Terms: Use of our services implies agreement to these terms and conditions.

  18. Website Use: Conditions for using SOAR Educational Services’ websites, including copyright and material use restrictions.

  19. Privacy Statement: Overview of data collection, use, and rights related to personal information.

  20. Refund Policy for Purchases: Details on eligibility and process for refunds.15

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