I guess the answer to that is based on who you ask and the time and place. You see, when I am talking to families, I am an advocate because I have been there and gone through it and survived (kinda). I can relate to the kind of energy it takes just to make it through another day.

I have also been labeled a troublemaker the minute we walk into a school. With people whispering I am only in the school to find fault in the way they are teaching our children. Diminishing their professionalism,
Now, if troublemaker is defined as a person who speaks up for children who can not speak. Or tell a parent where to look for things that “aren’t quite right”. Or not afraid to say the things BIPOC say in their heads when it comes to school. Then I am a troublemaker.
And as it shall Be.

Now when I and speaking to families, I have helped; I am a coach! Because I am helping them find out their child needs to have its lessons read to them and how to do something about it. Or when I guide families on what the school should have been doing for the student in the first place.

My friend.
“It takes no wizard or crystal ball to see the truth.”

Depending on the day, most of us that have chosen this job are just parents, guardians, or siblings. Although deemed as superheroes or some special kind of person.
But no; see here.
There is no costume of tights and a flowing cape.

But so many people say. OH! No.
You are different, special; you made a difference for my child. Yes, a difference has been made for your child and other children.
However, the only special thing about me is that I am the parent of Special Needs Children, with one notable difference. I found the process unjust and took the time to get the training and receive the empowerment of knowledge.

Possibly even more important; I have mastered how to unlock the secret of that knowledge and I am willing to share the knowledge I have with those who need it… I will not gatekeep

Therefore, I am no one special, just a SURVIVOR or better yet THE GOAT!

Adapted from the writing of Richard E.Crandall

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